Thursday, April 22, 2010

Irish Spring Soap Commercial (1980)

"As I C it"

Remember that Irish Spring Soap commercial where the woman is showering out in the bushes? I remember wondering if my mom was going to make me turn the channel, but when she didn't I started reevaluating my moral code. Maybe it was okay to shower outside, or maybe she was locked out of her house by those wicked children of her's, but needed to get that morning shower in regardless. Hey, women can be quite innovative you know! Those were the days when a soap commercial was the sexiest thing on TV, unless you counted the Professor from Gilligan's island, or Ponch from Chips. Ok...I guess I could add Farah Fawcett to the hottie list, but that just seems sort of obvious, doesn't it?

But times have changed. Today I can hardly sit with my kids and watch dancing with the stars, what with their loincloths loosely wrapped around their privates, or even watch American Idol on the nights they have their superstar show. Remember Usher? And what was up with the Black Eyed Peas the other night? Don't get me wrong, I'm an occasional fan, and often a fan of Fergie, but the swimsuit with hipster boots was U-G-L-Y, but more insulting than that outfit was the song itself! Talk about Dumbing down America!! There were four lyrics in the entire four minutes they were on stage. Wait. Was that all it was? It felt sooo much longer!

However, to be fair, I wanted to hug Alicia Keys. She looked beautiful and modest, and she sang beautifully, even when her voice didn't want to cooperate. But on the whole I am rarely a fan of American rock at all. The songs are just stupid. the lyrics forgettable. The beat, hypnotically nauseating. THERE ARE a few exceptions:Blue October & the killers are two of them, but for the most part the music is dumb, dumb,& dumber. Not a poet, or deep thinker in the whole hip gyrating group. (You don't even want to know what I think of our Lady Gaga.) Can you say costumey? Gimmicky?

The same goes for a lot of other sitcoms on TV. I've become a bit of a Glee fan of late. Sometimes it is hilarious. Being in a show choir in High School myself it's uncool angle hits close to home, though I am relieved to say I never did experience a slushy to the face. I love to hate Sue Sylvester, and ogle over good ole Will. The writing is clever and funny and the music is incredible. But Tuesday nights show left me feeling a little sick to my stomach. The whole "Like a Virgin" scene was more than a bit unsettling. Now I hear it was so successful they are going to do another show in the fall. Really? They know this show is geared towards kids right? Oh boy...

I know I'm coming off as a prude, but I'm really not. I love music. I love rock and roll. I took my two boys to the Muse concert last month and rocked out with the best of them. I love movies, and TV sitcoms, and dramas. Our favorite date night usually includes a movie and popcorn. I love watching House, but wonder why a hospital administrator needs to dress like a hooker? For a time I was a closet Desperate Housewives junky until it became too unbearable, and now it seems that they are going to do the same thing with Glee. Can't you give a sister a break? I stick up for TV and music and yet that "Industry" continues to let me down. Maybe all the producers, stars and music people are too hyped up on red bull to notice, but I for one am getting tired of it. And for those of you who say you just don't watch TV, listen to music, or go to movies, I say YUCK! I don't want to live in that kind of world. Why not let our voices be heard instead of just turning out heads. I don't know...any ideas?

Maybe we need to all stock up on Red Bull so we can match their unnerving energy. Maybe we should cry foul. I don't know what works. I've written letters a few times. Once to the producers of Desperate Housewives asking them to please spare us the plunging necklines! It makes me wonder...aren't they good enough actors without showing us their cleavage? Won't we still like those shows if we don't know what cup size they wear? Are we all so simple? Are we all so dumb? Oh yes, its that dumbing down America aspect again. Well I don't know about you, but I've got to go get in line for some Obamamoney. So until next time,"That's how Becky C's it."