Saturday, February 16, 2013

The last few months have been busy. Mostly keeping my head down and writing, though it can be easy to get distracted with things like Christmas, New years, Birthdays. I'm just kidding about the distracted part. It is imperative that we not become so lost in the things we love that we forget the people we love. I often say it is a fine balance, and being a wife and a mother, I am constantly at war with myself as moms usually are.
So I have exciting news!  I buckled down and finished my second novel, Far From Perfect. And today it is available online at Amazon, and next week Barnes and Noble, (I don't know why they can't keep up with Amazon) , and then it will be available at about ten other retailers online. I can't wait!  I love this story! I love the characters of Cass and James. Even though I've never had a drinking problem, I understand her addiction and want her to succeed. And I love James. Love him! So I also want them to get together. I hope you'll feel the same. Here's the link to the book at Amazon. If you haven't read my first novel, The Sand Bar, check it out too! And happy reading!