Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blue October - "Fear" Official Lyric Video

Post Bully Post--

Almost immediately after posting about my bullying experiences I regretted it. I have never liked rehashing the negative things that happen in my life as I figure every one has enough of that in their own lives that they don't need or want to hear about mine. But I left it. And as several weeks have past, and I have heard from numerous people, I am happy I went ahead with it. Surprisingly, many used my post as a spring board for a family discussion on bullying.  To know that several families read my blog to their children and then had a discussion about bullying, makes it, (my embarrassment at sharing this less than stellar portion of my life) all worthwhile. I do hope it makes kids think that when they are in that moment watching someone be picked on they don't just say to themselves, "boy, I'm glad they aren't calling me names like that." but they stick up for the one being bullied.  I did have one comment from someone close to me that made it seem I might have done something to 'provoke' these girls. That in itself is hurtful, but typical of people who don't understand how bullying works. I could have breathed wrong and that would have been enough to justify their actions. I would never assume that someone being bullied deserved it. I'm sure that nothing could be farther from the truth.

If you've been bullied yourself, I hope my words gave you hope for a brighter future in spite of others actions. Life is good. Life is beautiful. Let me be clear. I have lived a very happy life. I have a wonderful husband and great kids. Time does heal a lot of wounds and  helps  lesson the pain of the wounds that never heal.

People are resilient. I am resilient. And today 'I don't have to fall apart or be afraid or let the damage consume me or the shadows see through me.' Thanks Blue October for reaching my soul today. Hope you enjoy :-) Have a great week friends.