Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's New Moon Premier Week!

It's finally here!

That’s right folks, it’s New Moon premier week! I have to admit, and I’ll do it proudly, that I have been a Twilighter longer than most whippersnappers. I picked up the books three years ago and practically inhaled them. It was like they were a drug and I was an addict. I started the first book on Friday, read LATE into the night and into the morning and then was forced to go to a Super Saturday crafty thing, and read with the book hidden on my lap between painting clocks and making chocolate covered pretzels. Pathetic I know, but I couldn’t help it! It was too good to put down.

As soon as I escaped the craft thingy I bee-lined it for the nearest bookstore and bought book two and three. (Eclipse had just been released the previous week). I rushed through New Moon thinking, "Edward. Must have more Edward," and finished Eclipse on Tuesday. Hungry for more, it was like you couldn’t fill me up. I won’t even go into what this did for my bedroom life, but lets just say, husband dearest would occasionally sit the books on my nightstand--just in case I wanted to read them again.

Now I understand there are two types of camps:you devoured Twilight like me, or you really don’t get it. Just like we have a two party system, we must have two opinions about Twilight. And that's okay, just don't ever try to convince me that she is not a brilliant writer. Seventy million books and a bazillion dollars later,I'd have to beg to differ.

I will spend this next paragraph trying to explain the phenomenon to those that don’t get it. In a nut shell: first, Stephenie NAILS the feelings of first love. There is something so intense about ones first love that you never forget it, or them. Secondly, she gets the big break-up thing and the sometimes physically painful experience it can be. It doesn’t matter if you are seventeen or seventy, heartbreak hurts. Mixed with the allure of the all powerful love triangle and you have yourself the basics for a good story. Thirdly, Stephenie understands what women want, and it has little to do with the physical, though we do like the very slow-- like four books slow-- approach.:) What we DO want is a man to love us unconditionally; have us as their whole world. Listen to us, ask questions about us, be curious to know everything about us. Let us talk about ourselves, and act like there is no where else on earth they'd rather be than listening to us talk! Sigh... See why this could only happen in fiction? How do I know I am right about this? The millions of women and girls from twelve to seventy all over the world screaming Edwards name, that's how.

So here’s a question for you. What team are you on? Team Edward or Team Jacob and what was your experience like reading Twilight? How many times have you read the books and do you have tickets to the midnight show come Thursday night? Not to brag of course,but my sister, Love her! Got me a ticket to a 5:00 show on Thursday. I don’t know how she did this, nor do I care. I’m just glad to see it before two in the morning. Can’t wait!

We’ll see ya at the movies fellow Twihards!

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  1. Hmm, I still haven't read any of the books but my mom is dragging me to the new movie on Saturday. How did you like it? My mom is making me go because I made the offhanded comment that I thought Jacob was cute and she acted as if I'd physically wounded her. Now she is determined to change my mind. You know how she feels about "her" Edward. :-)