Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Three Cheers for Parenthood!

You probably know by now that I love movies, T.V. shows, and just a great story in general. Today I want to give accolades to the best TV drama on the tube right now.

Parenthood. Tuesdays @ 9:00

This show is a diamond among thorns. I love the characters, I love this family. They get it. They really get it. I'd love to have a family this connected. It would drive me crazy and wouldn't probably work in real life as well as it works in T.V. Land, but the idea of family helping each other, being there for the highs and lows, knowing you, caring about your humdrum, every day, and sometimes wild life would be nice. I think. It's not exactly a "family" show. It's more of a "Parent" show that deals with a few adult themes, so watch it alone and then decide if it is something your kids are mature enough for.

So three cheers to Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, for creating a heartwarming, loving, crazy, real family that loves, fights, and then forgives. Which only grounds them deeper, creating a solid foundation. If you care about the quality of shows on T.V. you should really give this show a fair shake. I've had to say goodbye to a few shows I liked, but my conscience couldn't support. I'm hoping this show stays the course. We can't complain about anything if we aren't doing our part to support the few quality programs out there. I can support this one. So, please don't let me down, Ron! Just keep on going. And maybe if you could use an extra, or a surprise new sister, or something, give me a call. :)

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