Thursday, June 14, 2012

Since publishing The Sand Bar in April I have been very busy trying to keep the small tugboat a float and haven't had much time to keep this blog updated.The life of being a published author has been a better experience than I expected. People are kinder, more supportive than I imagined. It's been such an honor to meet so many of you and hear how you loved the book and shared it with your friends or kids. I've even had some men read and actually like it. The thing is, I know that they read it because they wanted to support me. I feel so blessed. I wouldn't have expected it. I want to let you know  how much I appreciate it.  Taking risks, stepping outside our comfort zones, putting stories on paper, or stories on film, or painting pictures or a number of other things that open ourselves up to criticism is scary but necessary if we want to live out our dreams or take a chance or grow and develop and create. I love to create! I love telling stories. Thank you for jumping out of your comfort zones and giving a new author a chance! And tell your friends about The Sand Bar. And if you liked it, click like on Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Every like counts!

Thanks again. Now I'm off to run in the Ragnar relay with some good friends. Have a great weekend!

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