Thursday, November 21, 2013

The X in eXtra

I spent a few days last month being an extra on the BYUTV series, Granite Flats. It was super fun.

Okay, let's be honest, when I say "super", I mean it was sort of eXcruciating, really.

Not the eXcellent movie star moment that you would imagine.

And when I say "fun" It was really cold, boring, cold, a waste of my time, and did I mention cold? I get it. I do. An extra is just that. It's like playing Russian roulette, you maybe will-- or you maybe won't get picked. Or better yet, it's like that game on Toy Story with The clawww. "You've been chosen," we all say in awe as  the other nurse is whisked away to the warmth and lights and love of a studio set. But after twelve hours sitting in a cold warehouse and not being used even once, you have to ask yourself, "Self, is this the best use of your time?" And I've come to the conclusion that, No. It's not. Anyway, it wasn't all bad. The upturn was lunch. Now that was eXcellent! And by that I mean, after three days on set I gained five pounds.

Just in case you are imagination deprived, here's a math equation to help you understand. 11 hours sitting on my butt shivering + sneaking candy from the candy cart during every potty break + eating a wonderful big lunch with a dessert even after my five candy bars = five additional pounds. Muy mal!

 But on the upside (see how I said upside, instead of upturn? I'm so versatile) I met some interesting people, got to dress up like a nurse, and might-- just might-- get 1.3 seconds of screen time. And I got a small paycheck. Now we can have Christmas. I love being an actor!

Gotta go be an extra on the next BYU television program called, "How many candy bars can you stuff
in your coat pocket, fool?"

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