Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Movie Review

It's time to review a couple movies I've seen in the last few weeks. First off, Breaking Dawn... it was good. I liked it. It is what it is. The acting was better, the affects were impressive and Bella's wedding dress was amazing. Do I want to take my 11 year old daughter to the movie?...not really. Maybe when she's sixteen, or at least 13 as the rating suggests. It definitely has more adult content. Still, the whole wedding thing made me smile and the nervous bride in the bathroom made me laugh. I really related! I give it a B+. I gave Twilight about a C+ so they've come a long way.

Second movie I saw was the Muppet movie. After seeing this movie I'm having some serious Amy Adams envy. When she sang in the diner about being alone, I wanted so much to be in her place. In fact I was envious of all the extras, dancers, singers, and muppets alike. I want to be in a movie like that! ( on floor throwing tantrum)

Oh wait. This was supposed to be a review of the movie, not about my Amy Adams envy. Sorry. Let's begin again.

Great movie! I laughed, cried, and felt nostalgic throughout. The songs were funny, the adult 80's throwback humor relate-able and relevant. In other words: I LOVED IT! Many, if not all of the songs were written by Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Concords fame, the New Zealand group of comedians and singers and actors. We are big fans of this group at our house and my sixteen year old son felt like the songs sounded like them so he looked it up and sure enough, they were. We walked away singing the songs and laughing about the funny moments in the movie while I secretly planned my trip to Hollywood. (I'm only half-kidding)

So a good week of movies. And Turkey day was great too. Next blog. "How I ate half my weight on turkey day" See ya later

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