Friday, March 16, 2012


I'm feeling bad about bashing Outskirts like I did. I really went after them the other day. I hate doing that. I try to keep negative views of other people or businesses to myself, or at least between me and my hubby, but I'd really had it...and I let everybody know.

There has been a change for the better so I wanted to let you know that all is not the devil over at Outskirts. I had to scream and shout, but they finally heard me and acknowledged their error. In so doing, I feel it only fair to recognized a few errors of my own. First, when I realized I did not get my free edits I should have immediately brought it to their attention. I didn't. I stewed and felt frustrated, but did not want to confront them. A miserable part of my personality that I detest. Secondly, I realize now that I could have cut and pasted the @ sign. Why didn't I do this? I don't know. That would have been such a simple solution. Instead, I panicked and thought, "I don't know where the copy symbol is. I'll just use this and they'll understand"

My assumptions get me into a lot of trouble. Like the time I assumed my husband knew that I had somewhere to be and he would be home in time to watch the kids, or the time I assumed the waitress heard me ask for more water and she ignored me and then I felt slighted. I could go on and on. But I won't. I just thought I should be fair. It's what I would expect from the other guy. I am trying to live by the golden rule. It would be nice if a few more people did the same.

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