Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beautiful day

It's a Beautiful Day!

Today was the first day I've ran outside since December. It felt awesome! It reminded me that this is why I run. To be outside, to hear the birds, to listen to the music. To feel the warm sun on my skin.

And of course, to get that runners high. Yes! We might have had an Idaho winter, but we are back to a Utah spring, and I am very happy about that. I almost wore shorts today. It felt a little anxious. I'll give it one more day.

I also felt great for another reason. I haven't mentioned this to too many people, but I think it would be unjust  to keep the knowledge that I've learned to myself. You see, last September, my friend, Lynette asked me to take a nutrient class with her. To be honest I really didn't want to.  I liked my brownies and cookies and I knew that if I took this class they would tell me to cut out the sugar and bread and all the things I liked. I didn't want to make a change. Plus, I was worried about failing. I've never done a "diet". In fact, I am against dieting in most circumstances. But she persisted and I finally gave in.

The class turned out to be amazing and insightful. Our instructor, Nancy, has become like a mother to us. She still stops me in the gym to see how I am doing, and to let me know how good I look. Why don't we live the way we were all taught growing up? Lots of vegetables, a little meat, a little starch. Protein and fruit for snacks and lots and lots of water. It's all about keeping your metabolism cranked. That's it. Well, not quite it, but that's the basics. Portion sizes and the types of food you eat are equally important.

For the first two months I cut out almost all my sugar and found substitutes like agave and Stevia so I could still have a cookie once in a while. I cut out butter and mayo and ranch dressing. I found good substitutes like Coconut oil for butter and yummy vinaigrettes with half the calories for my salads and even for my sandwiches.  I made sure I was getting enough protein, especially after working out, and started making "The green drink" which is one of my favorite drinks now, though if you are going to make it be sure to add something sweet like pineapple!!! And the most difficult change; I drank lots of water.  When I lost the first pound I thought it was just water weight. Then the next pound, I thought was just chance. It wasn't until I lost 5 pounds that I began to think this thing actually worked. I hadn't even set a goal. I just hoped to learn to eat better. It worked! To date I've lost 14 pounds. I don't know if I'll lose anymore, but I thought that at ten pounds so who knows.

Besides feeling better, (I had a lot of stomach aches before, my mom thinks were connected to my gallbladder), I can also run faster. I have more stamina and more air. And the rotten first mile, where it felt like I was burning out the crap that I ate the day before, is now a thing of the past.  The other thing about eating healthier is the meals are simple. Cutting out all the fats and mayo and all the other junk leaves you preparing simpler meals. They are more tasteful too. One of my favorite side dishes is cut up zucchini and squash baked in the oven for twenty minutes with a little olive oil and  mozzarella cheese. Add a little green pepper and onion and you will be amazed at how good it tastes. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

I used to joke that skinny doesn't feel better than chocolate tastes. But I've changed my mind. I do love dark chocolate. Especially the dark chocolate covered almonds at Costco. Yum! But it actually does feel better to know  that you are doing all  you can to live the most ideal life possible. Things will still happen, but  I am going to enjoy it more now that I feel better.

So that's it.  But there is one snag. This has to be a life change. I've never seen anyone keep the weight off by going off a diet. There was a reason they were on that diet. Yes, it's hard to keep  up when you're with family or on vacation. It's easy to slide back into bad habits. I know that the only way to keep it off is to make healthy eating a habit. It's the 80/20 rule. If you will eat like I mentioned above 80 percent of the time, then your body will take care of the other 20 percent. So you can still have the things you love...once in a while. And not too many. :) I had to remind myself of that when the girl scout cookies arrived the other day. Much harder than I had hoped.

Anyway, that's it. I feel good. I had a great run today, and now I think I'll go have a handful of chocolate covered almonds for my mid day snack. Have a great day!


  1. Becky! I love this post, you are amazing!! Makes me want to eat better :)

  2. Awesome!!! Way to go!! Thanks for posting this!!I am doing the whole 30 challenge (paleo - caveman like eating). I have lost five pounds in 5 days, but I am not doing it to lose weight. I am doing it to feel better. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. My insides feel so much better. It is all about healthy choices!!:)

  3. Five pounds in five days? No way! Be careful Adie, you don't have much on you as it is. I agree, I love feeling better inside and out.

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  5. Awesome!! I love your food! It looks so delicious!

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