Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Puppy love and other sorts of animal admirations...

I saw a couple really funny things on my run the other day. The first was a donkey and goat. They were separated by a fence, but the goat was standing with his hooves stretched up to the donkey's neck in an embrace and the donkey's head was nuzzled against the goat's head. Unfortunately, by the time I pulled my camera/phone out they knew they'd been caught hugging, the goat quickly dropped to the ground, and the donkey took a step back. Then they stood looking in opposite directions as if to say,
                   "We weren't just hugging right there. That thing you think you saw?
                    Didn't happen. He was just scratching the itch I had on my nose."
                  "Okay...we were hugging! But please don't tell the other goats and donkeys.
                    It could totally ruin our reputations."

                    Yep. It was just like that. Super funny.

This isn't the picture. Apparently it got deleted from my phone, but this is a good one too. Who knew that different animals could not only tolerate each other, but actually love each other. I had a friend who put his chickens and bunny rabbits together in hopes of getting some Easter eggs out of the deal. Don't know if it's worked out for them yet, but it's a pretty good idea. I'll let you know if any of their Easter bunnies lay some eggs.

 The second funny of the day was these two dogs frolicking down the path, like they'd been out all night together and were experiencing a sort of lovers high in the cool morning hours. Tongues out, shoulders bumping, smiles on their faces. It was very sweet.  I guess love was just in the air that day. And I ran 6 miles. The longest run since about, oh...last June. :-) Good day for everybody.

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