Wednesday, October 7, 2009

See Jane run

I love to run.

I didn't always. Hated it actually. I remember running with a friend in High School once and thinking my throat was going to burst and spew blood everywhere. I don't think we even made it a mile before my lungs were literally on fire and I began pleading that we turn around. I was totally pathetic.

My husband is a runner. One day he tricked me into doing a 5K with him. He promised to push the stroller and if I got too tired I could just walk . Oh please--whatever! All the women from my whole neighborhood were there running. Talking and laughing--telling stories. To make it worse they were all ten years older than me, well into their forties even! And there was no way I was going to let them show me up. So I ran--slowly-- the whole way! And amazingly, it felt AWESOME! Okay, so I could barely move the next day as every muscle in my entire body was screaming at me for doing such a stupid thing, but from that moment on I was hooked. Plus I had to keep running, cause I never wanted to experience that kind of pain ever again!

So yesterday my youngest set off to preschool and I realized I had two hours to do whatever I wanted! I couldn't get my shoes on fast enough. I can't explain the great high that comes from running, because well, it's hard to explain. It's sort of like right before you gather around the Christmas Tree, or when you've got your spoon all set for that hot fudge sundae--expect instead of those obvious fun moments, I plan on inflicting great amounts of pain upon myself. But still I am excited. I'm walking across my grass, a song pumping through my ear pods, the sky a most brilliant good morning blue and I am ready! That is until I actually run twenty steps, then reality sets in and I am already fatigued. I don't get it. I've been running five years now and the first three miles are still my hardest.

But never mind that. The point is it's hard and I still do it and feel great for it. A runner's high if you will. It's cleansing,it's solitude. It's therapy!

I ran Hollow road yesterday. A quiet, usually deserted country road dotted by an occasional house, field of wheat, or cow pasture. If you've done the Top of Utah Marathon, or 1/2 marathon you remember this road. Last chance to you know what in the bushes. ;)
Along this road there is a piece of land that I'd like to sink my teeth into, or wallet if I could. I often wonder if they have any idea the golden nugget they have. It's a dairy farm. You can have the dairy farm part of it, but it's the other side that I'm in love with.
Think perfect cow pasture. A stream along the front of the property. Big cottonwoods edging the creek and in the spring, the most beautiful green grass with an occasional old deciduous to offer shade. Those cows must be in cow heaven, and sometimes I want to join them under a shade tree and rest for a while. Drink from the stream and sit and listen as they moo to one another. Maybe even join in. Blissful tranquility.
This is why I run. This is joy. This is peace at it's finest and this is what I will miss when I have to leave this place.

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